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Bonz Steel ISIS BB

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BONZ steel ISIS bottom brackets are made in a well-renowned factory in order to guarantee an irreproachable manufacturing quality and reliability. Available in 122mm and 128mm versions, they are equipped with a treated steel axle, ring bearings and aluminium cups. The steel body offers excellent hold on the bearings and contributes to the light weight of the overall piece. Its design has allowed us to reach a weight of 258g for the 122mm version. (265g for the 128mm version)



Weight: 258g (265gfor the 128mm version)

Measurements: Available in 122mm and 128mm versions

Axle: Treated steel axle

Body: Treated steel

Bearings: High-quality ring bearings

Cups: Black anodised aluminium cups

Bolts: Steel M15 bolts included

Laser-etched BONZ logo in centre of body

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