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GU 24" frame

$239.01 $450.00

New GU frames! We added 24-inch models to meet the needs of even more trials enthusiasts. The full range of GU frames are equipped with built-in boosters. The role of built-in booster is to eliminate cumbersome brake adjustments without increasing the weight of the complete bike. At the same time, it also greatly enhances the strength of the brakes. They are also equipped with special brake calipers using M6 bolts. Eliminating M5 bolts makes it easier to slide the cable when adjusting the brakes, while M6 bolts adds more strength and stiffness to the brake system.

Ti BB spindle, Spanish style.

Wheelbase: 1075mm, BB High: 75mm, Head Tube: 110mm, Frame Space: 135mm, Chain Stay: 369mm, Head Angle: 72.5°

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