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HASHTAGG rims 20"

$30.00 $65.95


Here is the new 47mm HASHTAGG rear rim.

As you can see, this product has been completely rethought. This is the lightest, the strongest and the most optimized for braking, tyre work, building up and braking power ever created.

Marketing or true progress? We hope that the few elements below will contribute to tempt you, but above all that the riding reality will fully convince you.


– 47mm width optimized for a 100mm wide brake clamps.

– 14mm height walls for the better commitment between pads setting up simplicity, strength and weight of the walls.

– Exclusive heat treatment to increase the friction coefficient of the pads.

– 515g in 26’’. 80g less than the lighter existing rear rim on the market.


26" Rear 47mm

520 gr.

47 mm wide

32 holes

ERD 552mm


26" Front 28 hole

432 gram

32mm wide

ERD 554mm


19" rear 32 hole

350 gr.

47 mm



front 20" 28 hole

310 gr.

32 mm

28 holes

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