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Monty ProRace Freewheel 135.9



Technical Features


•135 engagement points,which implies an improvement in comparison to most of brands.

•135 engagement points are achieved by using 9 high quality steel pawls (3 of 3 into a 45 tooth ratchet each one).

•Standard 1,37'' x 24TPI thread compatible with most trial hubs and threated cranks.

•Oversized interior springs for increasing frewheel reliability and durability.

•Sealed bearings which avoid dust & dirt entrance

•Compatible with the following chains : ½”x11/128” and ½”x3/32”

•Removal system : BB tool ISIS

•Available version 18 tooth


Must use bashring or spacer for proper fit.






18 tooth | 9 pawls | 135 engagement points | Tooth width 2.2mm | Total width 17mm














Grey Rust Proof Finish with Monty y ProRACE.graphic

























Additional information



We recommend to follow freewheel Break-in procedure , Ride gently for a few hours before it is subjected to trials use. This way we ensure:

- any excess grease used when assempling the freewheel works away from the mechanism

- pawls will engage correctly


If the freewheel is subjected to trials use without having been bedded in, the pawls will not engage correctly and this causes the freewheel to skip, damaging the pawls and ratchet.


Freewheel must be broke in before heavy use.  To do so, just ride the bike around town for a couple hours to seat everything in.

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