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Monty ProRace CrMo Cogs



Technical characteristics


Made of steel and treated at high temperatures to enhance their resistance.

Standard thread 1.37 "x 34T, compatible with all rear bushings and threaded rods.

12mm wide basis (with 8mm offset) to ensure the maximum number of threads of the thread in contact with the hub or crank.

Compatible with chains 1/8 "and 3/32".

Drilling on the circumference of the base to eliminate unnecessary weight and provide an attractive appearance pinion touch.




12/13/14/15/16 teeth

tooth width 2.0mm

Overall width 12 mm

8mm displacement

M35 thread 1.37x24T




Black Anodized graphics Monty.




12T: 32g

13T: 38g

14T: 44g

15T: 48g

16T: 52g


Additional Information


It is advisable to make a preliminary running Sprocket, rolling gently for a few hours before you start to trial, to remove excess grease used in the assembly and ensure proper seating of the trigger mechanism. If the pinion is used to trial without having settled before the triggers will not work properly and will jump, damaging the slot and trigger.


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